Davidsons Plums

Bush Tukker!

Bush Tukker!

These BEAUTIES are native australian plums! They come from a tall, fern-like tree at Habitat in Harmony Community garden called a davidson’s plum (Davidsonia Puriens).

Australia boasts a huge selection of bush fruits, grains and berries and other foods, and this is one of the best, as the fruit is relatively large, easy to grow and quite productive! If you are expecting them to taste like a plum, be prepared to be shocked, as they are very sour! They grow in deep shade in moist, well drained areas so they are particularly handy in food forests and permaculture systems because they turn an area which would once be a bit useless into a food producing area! They requite a bit of tender love and care when they are young, but once they are established they require little to no fertilizer or additional water other than natural rainfall. Pretty sustainable if you ask me! The fruits make delicious jam and wine (trust me I’ve had it and it’s amazing!). If you have a shady moist area in your garden with nothing growing, grab one of these beautiful plants and add it to your bio diverse repertoire  of plants.


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