You have three guesses to try and figure out what this is.
No, it’s not a green eggplant.
No, it’s not a cucumber
No, It’s not a zucchini (but you are close!)

This handsome veggie is a pimply squash!
Growing pimply squash is very rewarding as they are extremely heavy cropping! I planted this heirloom cultivar in Habitat in Harmony for the following reasons
1. If planted at the right time, they are very disease resistant.
2. water needs are quite low if they are planted in decent soil and mulched.
3. they are a FANTASTIC cover crop and form a heavy layer on the ground and strangle out weeds.
4. They can tolerate full sun to part shade, so you can plant a vine at the back of your yard which produces no food, let them run wild and you will get some food out of a once non-producing area.

The fruit is essentially a young pumpkin. If you let the fruit grow too much, the skin starts to toughen and the seeds inside become hard. So you pick the fruits just as they start to turn color (in my case from a pale white/green into a dark green with white pimples). If you pick them before the skin turns too dark, the seeds inside stay soft, the skin stays tender and you can eat the whole thing! Just slice it up, marinade it, and throw it on the BBQ and eat it just like a steak! Its the best.


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