Six Foot Track

Recently I had the pleasure of walking the Six Foot Track – a three day trek through the Blue Mountains National Park. I am proud to be a passionate bush walker, and I often enjoy walking through some of the very few, relatively undisturbed areas of wild bushland around Newcastle. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a challenge and go on multi-day treks. There is truly nothing quite like packing your bag and setting off into the bush with little more than a sleeping bag and food. It is incredibly liberating and for days on end, I completely forget about all of the worries of the world. I simply walk and observe. Its great.

Six Foot Track follows the old trail which was used back in 1884 as a direct horse route from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains to Jenolan Caves. This trek  boasts a gorgeous array of bushland ecosystems; from beautiful, fern filled heavy rainforest, dry and wet sclerophyll forest, open woodland, and some grasslands.

It takes 3 days to walk and is about 47Kms. It is an absolutely beautiful walk, and since the starting point is so close to public transport, it is very asy to access from Sydney and Newcastle.

I highly recommend it! More information about the walk, and what you will need can be found here.


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