Climbing spinach.


What the hell is climbing spinach!?!?!?
Well, it’s actually awesome, give it a chance.

I’ve found that at Habitat in Harmony community garden, our visitors are quite picky about their spinach. Apparently the difference between silverbeet and spinach is massive and one tastes different to the other. In my humble opinion, i can’t taste any difference between them and I think they are both just as good as each other. This climbing spinach is pretty special, but most people turn their noses up at it, before having even tried it.

The cool thing about this plant is that for starters, its perennial. So you don’t have to keep planting and planting the stuff, it will continuously provide you with fresh greens (for stir fry, salads, pies and a million other things) year round, for up to 3 years.

Secondly, it climbs! If space is limited in your garden i would encourage you to try growing this plant. It climbs quite happily and will turn your walls into living green lusciousness!

Thirdly, it is pretty hardy! It grows very happily in the shade, and full sun. It is a tropical plant so doesn’t like to dry out for too long so it does have some water needs.

The leaves are succulent-ish, and slightly mucilaginous. If you are a fan of green smoothies, and juicing your veggies, you need this plant in your life. Its awesome in drinks.

It is rather a pretty plant too and when combined with harder shaped foliage, it provides lovely texture in a garden.

Win Win Win Win Win.

Grow it.



    • Yes, it has a few other common names – Ceylon spinach, Malabar spinach, Egyptian spinach, creeping spinach, Asian spinach…. It’s botanical name is Basella Alba. Its pretty nutrient dense, and a surprising feature of this plant is that the seeds are surrounded by dark dark purple flesh which has traditionally been used to make fabric dye! Cool huh!

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