Everyone I know, Everything I’ve seen Teaser No. 7.

DSC_0190 okaySplit second moments (like this impromptu pash between two straight men, a funny expression when confronted with something unexpected, or a funny alignment of unlikely visual elements) are moments which are easily forgotten, or buried away in the deep parts of the subconscious – only to be re-visited when brought up in nostalgic group conversation where many minds can piece together a scenario, or prompted by an image.

My hard drive is full of images like this; taken with the intent of sharing with the subject at some point, but often relegated to the electronic depths of an external storage device. My Camera is pretty much dead from years and years of photographing the intimate, trashy, earnest and silly moments of the lives of people around me.

This exhibition is like a spring clean, giving all of those moments a chance to shine and emerge into a physical form.

More info Here
Facebook event page Here



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