BNC’s Garden Party!

Below are some happy snaps from the Garden Party which was recently held at Belmont Neighbourhood Centre at Habitat in Harmony Community Garden

It was a fabulous community event which aimed to bring lots of locals from Belmont and surrounding suburbs together to get to know each other and enjoy an evening of music, pizza, market stalls and lovely company at BNC and in our community garden.


DSC_7511 DSC_7519 DSC_7533 DSC_7539 DSC_7542 DSC_7545



  1. Happy pictures…
    Say Chris, would you consider “Following a Tree?” I am trying it for the first time this year. Lucy of says most of the tree followers are in the UK and North America. She’s trying to balance it out by inviting people south of the equator picking a tree to follow. I caught the excitement from this one…
    After thinking about it for a couple of days, I decided to commit. It would be interesting for the rest of us to follow an Australian tree.

    • What a fabulous Idea!
      I would love to follow a tree!
      I will probably follow an acacia of some sort, as they are a very beloved species in Australia.
      Thankyou for sharing with me!

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