Current Project – ‘Intertidal’

This project is being developed on the traditional lands and waters of the Awabakal and Worimi people. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal Land.

Test 1 – Wetland
Test 2 – Wetland
Test 3 – Spring low tide in Syzygy – October

Overall Concept Statement

‘Intertidal’ is an inter-disciplinary collaborative Art project which aims to explore the rapidly evolving physical, social, personal, and political environments of Newcastle.

The project pivots on the central theme of ‘Intertidal zones’ – The areas between high and low tide marks. Organisms which live in these zones must deal with dynamic environmental conditions and are in a constant state of flux; submerged in water and exposed to air, physical impact of waves, desiccation, sun exposure, flood and storm surges. They must be resilient in order to survive the ever increasing effects of human intervention and climate change.

Using this metaphor, ‘intertidal’ looks to explore subjects which are positioned at or between extremes, exist in a state of constant flux and are thriving in harsh environments.

The project celebrates the inherent queerness, determinism and magic of nature, and explores ideas of identity, gender, community, resilience and transience.

The project output will be a collaborative body of work consisting of photographs, video, sculpture and installation.

Test 4 – Spring low tide in Syzygy – October 2020

What is Intertidal?

Project Status:

Under Development

Current Phase:

  • Research and Conceptual Development
  • Key species: Catfish, Beach Worms, Flathead, Limpets, Seaweed, Cormorants.
  • Key Intertidal environments: Rock shelves surrounding the bogie hole, cottage creek, Hunter River, Nobbys Beach, Kooragang island
  • Identifying Project Collaborators
  • Commissioning of custom project elements

More info, see Instagram @its.chrisbrown

Video Study – Spring low tide in Syzygy – October 2020

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