Christopher Brown is a community development professional, photographer and emerging artist from Mulubinba, Awabakal country (also known as Newcastle NSW).

Community Work
Christopher is a passionate community worker. He is a passionate ally of CALD and BIPOC communities. As an openly queer gay male is active in the local LGBTQIA+ community.
He has a diverse skill set, having worked in many roles spanning across youth engagement, group facilitation, community supported agriculture and community gardens, social participation, place making initiatives, governance, service re-design, funding contract management and grants.

Christopher is currently engaged in the role of Community Engagement Worker, at Southlake Community Services, facilitating programs at Yunung Community Garden

Art Practice
Christopher completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2008 with a focus on photography and conceptual art. Over the last 10 years, Chris has developed a conceptual narrative which draws from the inherent wisdom and queerness of nature. His work positions the magic of nature as a central character, alongside ideas of vulnerability, somatics and performative practice. Story of place, natural ecosystems and critical sociological analysis are key points of reference for his practice. Themes of identity, dynamism, and resilience are central to his work.

Christopher has been taking captivating portraits and editorial photographs since 2008. With a keen eye for color, texture and form, Christopher has developed a joyful, expressive photographic practice.