We live in a crazy crazy world. Climate change, peak oil, species extinction, pollution, deforestation… the list is huge. Living with these problems can be depressing and working on these issues can sometimes be a very challenging venture, especially considering that some of the most simple responses to these issues involve reductions in the consumption of everyday things that we take for granted. Turn that light off, save energy, fix the leaky tap, you’re wasting water, buy carbon neutral-organic-direct trade-biodynamic-blah blah coffee (it’s what the COOL people are drinking). The fact is that we are addicted to convenience, to the point where being environmentally conscious can be percieved as tacky. Why take that bottle home to recycle it when you can just leave it on the park bench? Why bother putting your cigarette butt into one of those little butt bins, when you can flick your butt onto the street and strut away? Famous actors do it in films. It makes you think you look bad-ass.
We are taking over the planet. The human race is trashing the joint. Go and find a quiet place under a tree.
There are trees which are said to have been alive for thousands of years, and all they did for that length of time is stand there and breathe.






tree finger008





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